writing a compelling problem statement

The problem statement will be used to gain project support and approval from stakeholders. But far fewer communicate the "why." The first stage in preparing a project proposal is to draft the problem statement. A problem statement is more than a medical statement because you need to work your mind to come up with a very important question or topic. Goal statements are not meant to suggest solutions or causes. In order to completely understand how to write a compelling and fundable problem statement, it helps to break it down into several components. It is a problem statement, its job is to define a problem as accurately as possible. More importantly, the problem statement must be written clearly and accurately in order to deliver successful results. The term ‘problem’ doesn’t mean an issue rather it is the method where an enterprise presents its services or products as a solution to the other business. As such, it must be action-oriented. We have gathered tips on writing a compelling project proposal: Problem Statement. The purpose statement should be based on the true values of the organization’s leadership. A compelling case should be made as to what effect continued nonintervention may have on individuals, families, and the community at large. When you set out on a problem-solving effort, it’s important to be clear about the problem you’re going to solve. One way to make this case is to contrast the costs of prevention or timely intervention to the ongoing costs of not 40 PROPOSAL WRITING 05-Coley-45286.qxd 6/12/2007 11:48 AM Page 40. addressing the problem. For you to write your problem statement, you have to think of a topic that you think is relevant and requires immediate yet realizable solution. Tips for Writing a Compelling Personal Statement for Admission to Wayne State University Graduate Programs Note that this is a general guide to assist you in preparing a personal statement. Leigh Espy August 29, 2019 General No Comments. Make the funder think “of course they need the funding”! Writing a statement of the problem should help you clearly identify the purpose of the research project you will propose. How to Develop a Convincing Problem Statement. Writing the problem statement. A compelling purpose statement is authentic. How to Write a Clear Opportunity Statement for Better Problem-Solving. This article outlines four essential elements of a compelling purpose statement useful to managers in communicating purpose at any level of the organization. A good problem statement does not imply causes, does not point fingers and does not suggest solutions. Similar is the case with goal statements. Create your problem statement in an easy to read format, using a narrative which will peak the interest of the reader.

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