recipes with coconut milk yogurt

Do you think it could work in this recipe? Excited to make this! ©2020 The Endless Meal®. I often make my own coconut milk with shredded coconut. In this tutorial, I share how easy it is to make coconut milk yogurt at home with just a few ingredients! 30 billion, 50 billion, 100 billion yikes, very expensive. Some probiotics are definitely stronger than others. (see note) Place coconut milk and cream in clean medium pot, reserving ¼ cup of the coconut milk in a small bowl. I followed the directions exactly. And tastes better too. That’s what I do for dairy yogurt and curious if it would be the same for coconut based. My question is this: Is there something about the coconut milk that prevents the bacteria from growing enough to set up? Heat the remaining coconut milk up over low heat until it’s hot but not boiling. I do not want sugar or probiotics. Thanks for sharing! It looks too tasty! I am wondering if you have had an issue with separation of the coconut water and the coconut fat when making the yogurt. I made this coconut yogurt and mine turned out bubbly,thin and tastes carbonated. I’ve never kept it long enough to find out for sure. Haven’t tried yet, but wondering if anyone has tried using the batch just made as starter for the next batch. You can use honey. If it smells bad to you I would start over again. How did it go with the homemade coconut milk? thanks. Used whole fat coconut milk containing no other ingredients (I am particular about this!) I enjoy your posts. I would think that would work to speed things up but I haven’t tried it myself to see if it works. Did you switch brands of probiotics? Maybe this time! Why do you not heat the coconut milk? I also use two-three packets of sugar as the coconut milk does not have enough to support fermentation consistently on its own, The starter culture will consume the sugar and you can consider it sugar free. I must say, I have started eating this yogurt made with coconut milk and that is amazing because my skin is glowing now and my immune system is pretty amazing. Do you mean from a coconut? I’m passionate about traditional and healing foods. That’s something I’ve never tried so I don’t know how it would work. I’m sorry to hear that the recipe didn’t work out. So sad it failed. Well, it’s sitting in my oven….. Ellen, i am looking to make coconut yogurt in my yogurt maker – i was hoping to use the uht version of coconut milk (not a can) does this work? Looking forward to trying your recipe. 24 hours…should it be seoerating while sitting on counter? As a true believer in the health benefits of coconut, I use coconut products in all my recipes. All Rights Reserved. The Endless Meal is a place for recipes that are easy to make, healthy, and delicious. Discard the capsules. Your email address will not be published. I used well-cleaned jars and wooden spoons and just don’t understand why it’s still runny…Any suggestions? If so, how much? Thankyou, It seems the heating in this recipe is to help dissolve the sugar and gelatin. Can we use regular yogurt (cow or Buffalo milk yogurt) as a starter ? I have watched scores of videos and have decided I only want to use full fat coconut milk, not have to boil it and put it in a mason jar. Thanks! I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. To be honest, I haven’t tried this recipe with multiple types of probiotics. Hello. It’s usually very thin and more of a drink than something you eat with a spoon. It looks easy!! Your email address will not be published. Finding the probiotic capsules is little difficult. Now it’s time to add the starter culture! no dairy. I warmed it up slowly and only to 95 degrees to not destroy the probiotics. Have you tried different brands? 3. I have made milk yogurt for years. . Can you suggest what I am doing wrong. By oil do you mean the harder layer of coconut cream that is often at the top of a can of coconut if it is cold? I use the brand Aroy-D. → The freshness of your probiotics can affect its ability to ferment the coconut milk. What strength probiotic capsules do you use? So, yum.. thank you for sharing! What strength probiotic capsules do you use please? and 3 probiotic capsules … a big bust. Waiting is the hardest part! Most health food stores carry them. There was no way to stir it up and get it to come together. The yogurt will then firm up nicely and not seperate. no grains. Could I use stevia instead of the sugar or maple syrup. I’m a mama of three beautiful coconuts and they are the reason I named my website, The Coconut Mama. Mother's Day brunch. I’ve never kept mine more than a couple of days cause I always eat it quickly. Very useful article. Agar Agar flakes can be used instead if you prefer. Where do you get your probiotic capsules? It will take on a fermented smell. Try again making sure that everything you use is squeaky clean. Do you drain the liquid out of the coconut milk (I’m assuming it’s the kind in the can) before mixing it? is the sugar/maple syrup necessary for the probiotics to grow or can it be replaced with a low carb alternative such as stevia? What happened? Pull the probiotic capsules apart and empty the powdered contents into the coconut milk. ★☆ I use full-fat organic coconut milk and on my first attempt, was very successful, however, every other time I have tried, my coconut yoghurt won’t thicken, even after leaving it in a warm area of my house for more than 48 hours, and then putting it in the fridge. There should only be coconut extract (60% or higher) and water. I ended up composting mine, didn’t think I could eat it. Do you use the probiotics from fridge compartment as I’ve heard & it makes sense that they are the only ones that are alive.

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