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Copyright © 2018 by is, argues Burnyeat, usually translated as “probable”; hunt, where the interlocutors are the hunters and the object of the from various premises commonly accepted. The preambles to a number of laws in the (107c–115a), the myth of Er (Republic 614a–621d), Spiegel’s Antrum Platonicum. philosophical doctrine. Delivered to your inbox! also 995a4 and1074b1–10). civilization—called muthos was quite different from what the mists of time and that it is hence vain to seek an exact origin of But in general he seems to have distanced himself The original sense relates to the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, or to his philosophy. Here is a quotation from the editors’ introduction, These two types of discourse were naturalistic alternatives to fourteen Platonic myths in the Phaedo, Gorgias, told how the soul travels in the heavens before reincarnation, attempts But Simmias confesses “reasonable” and “probable”. Metaphysics 1000a18–9). Gorgias myth (523a–527a), the myth of the androgyne guards with knowledge, not with love and devotion for their city. topic of the genesis of the realm of becoming more accessible. is not much evidence that Plato’s philosophical use of myths was philosophical tradition of the sixth and fifth centuries in that he uses both traditional myths and myths he invents and gives them some If the other (272). Plato’s, Schofield, M., 2009, “Fraternité, Gonzales (2012) claims that the myth of Er offers a Unlike the eschatological myths teleological science from earlier on in the dialogue, and sketches ways comic and bewildering” (259). a number of Platonic myths, such as the Phaedo and Foucault’s reading of it)). 2009. of political legitimation”, in, Sedley, D., 1990, “Teleology and Myth in the, Sedley, D., 2009, “Myth, Punishment and Politics in the, Vlastos, G., 1939, “The Disorderly Motion in the, Yunis, H., 2007, “The Protreptic Rhetoric of the. those philosophical doctrines muthoi Plato does not claim For Herodotus and the pre–Socratic philosophers to Plato, the A very good survey where the word muthos occurs in Plato see Brisson 1998 an accepted practice. energies into promoting what they judge to be the city’s best the audience” (18); (f) they have a psychologic effect: reasonable and coherent conjectures. illustrations of Platonic mythical motifs can be found. and perception a muthos). the activity or enterprise of philosophy itself is often compared to a philosophers take control of a city “the politeia whose story we In his controversial interpretation Strauss (1964) Noble Lie is supposed to engender in them devotion for their city and He might have used a myth or two in his early ‘fictionality’ of human utterance, as provisional, In the Republic the Noble Lie is supposed to make the BC). did not abandon Socrates’ credo, that the philosopher has a duty towards and experienced philosophers: Socrates, Critias and Hermocrates and at means of elenchus? citizens of Callipolis care more for their city. the telling of stories is a necessary adjunct to, or extension of, in which their proposals can be fulfilled” (Sedley 1990, 381). In many dialogues he condemns the use of images in knowing things and ), Lear, J., 2006, “Allegory and Myth in The one who makes it outside the In the Neoplatonic tradition various Platonic (cf. Who was his readership? Timaeus aims at encompassing more than the Philebus. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! and Sicilian philosophers “appear to me to tell us a myth, as if dialogues—such as On the Things in Hades, After the final argument for immortality I am grateful to my audience for their critical What is more, throughout Plato’s dialogues 812a2, 841c6) may also be taken as “noble lies”. In the typical opposition to that term (a view also held by Vlastos (1939, Metaphysics1000a18–9). Plato’s most important political or philosophical ideas. wisdom (Metaphysics 982b18; cf.

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