optical compressor plugin

Looking for the best compressor plugins? The signal chain runs from left to right, starting with the Reduction Parameter. That’s why the LA-2A has such a simple design. This means you can lightly color, or destroy, drums, vocals, and more with tube and tape saturation. Famous for its simple control set and radical compression characteristics, the dbx 160 plugin features nonlinearities not found in other VCA compressors, giving it a sonic personality all on its own. In addition, the Neve 33609 plugin also adds modern workflow enhancements not found on the original hardware, including output and headroom controls, and a link switch for grouped left/right control of all parameters. While the most modern-looking compressor plugin on our list, it still imparts classic vibe. Moreover, this plugin does an excellent job of subtly taming transients and adding punch to a drum bus while also imparting a colorful compression character. Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, in both mono and stereo. Slate Digital accomplished a faithful recreation of this legendary compressor with their FG-Stress plugin. Load this workhorse on your mix bus to glue together your stereo mixes or try it out on bus groups to punch up low frequencies with API’s patented Thrust technology. The plugin is compatible with OSX Catalina, however you may need to manually allow this by opening your system preferences, navigate to Secirity & Privacy, then authorize the plugin you have installed. Professional mixing engineers and musicians have been deploying this classic Opto compressor on numerous hit records since its release. LDC2 is an analog modelled optical compressor and expander with exchangeable optical circuits, solid-state preamplifier and output stage, giving you a unique compression character. So take a look around at what each plugin has to offer. Vocal Artist Program This thing also sounds amazing on drums! Moreover, the UBK-1 sounds awesome on everything! It’s also worth noting that it is easy to use and light on CPU. Virtual Buss Compressors is a suite of three unique-sounding dynamic processors modeled from some of the most iconic mix bus compressors in the industry: The VBC Grey is inspired by the classic SSL 4000 Console Compressor. This famed compressor adds punch, movement, and tone to both stereo mixes and bus groups with absolute accuracy. Optical compressors use photosensitive light cells to control the compression. © 2019 SoundSpot Limited | All Rights reserved. 8 GB RAM or more is recommended. Developed by Brainworx, the mpressor plugin is a faithful emulation of the high-end, Class-A hardware. This VCA also colors the signal the more you compress and “make up” the output, which gives your sounds a punchy precise without sounding dull – even when pushed hard. To the lower left and right of Kintetik you will find input and output sliders, this allows you to control into gain of the plugin. The ACME Opticom XLA-3 is a powerful and flexible optical compressor. Doch die meisten Kompressoren wurden für ganz explizite Anwendungen entwickelt und haben genau an dies Stellen ihre Stärken. In other words, they inject authentic analog sound! Each model also has a dedicated control set that enables you to tweak the overall tone and saturation of each model. The original hardware version of the API 2500 Compressor has become a permanent fixture on the stereo bus for many of the world’s top engineers and producers. Each of the parameters in the Kinetik include an individual bypass control allowing for precise A/B testing. In addition to its transparent compression curve and speedy response time, it gives your signal some harmonic distortion. 10.12 – 10.15 (older OS versions may work but are not tested). This modern compressor also captures the unique features of the original like gain reduction limiting, anti-log curves, and negative ratios. In addition to its unique warmth and character, the Chandler Limited Zener Limiter can also add a bold, vintage vibe to your stereo bus or mastering chain. The FG-Stress can also mimic the tone of some of the industry’s most famous compressors like punchy VCAs, fat tube compressors, and even vintage opto units. The Zener also does a great job smoothing out and adding character to vocals, picked acoustic guitar, and percussion. The first in our range kicks off with KINETIK, a plugin we have closely developed with STANDERWICK, who in just 5 years has become one of the top selling global electronic dance music producers with multiple No.1 selling tracks and remixes for Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto to name a few. These FET-style compressor plugins have an incredibly fast attack and release times making them perfect for taming high energy content. This renowned compressor represented a breakthrough in limiter technology. You can run just about anything through this compressor and it will come out sounding good. Don’t be fooled by its underwhelming aesthetics. These units also inject pleasant coloration and have simplistic controls making them easy to dial in. Denmark’s original Tube-Tech compressor has been a leader in high-end tube hardware for over 30 years. Music Production Program Waves’ emulation of the legendary dbx 160 hardware compressor/limiter faithful captures the sought after character of the original hardware unit. Glorious tube sounds and opto-electric vibe, featuring steel covered military-grade components. Optical compressor plugins. The legendary 1176 has lent its character and punch to some of the greatest recordings in history since 1967. Its smooth character coupled with its ability to be transparent or extremely colorful has made it a renowned workhorse limiter. The CLA-3A emulates the classic LA-3A solid state compressor, which was popular in the 70s. UA’s LA-2A Leveler Collection also puts three of the most coveted incarnations of the iconic Teletronix processor at your fingertips. Below is an overview on the plugin’s parameters and how to use the Kinetik to achieve results that will transform your mixes. It gives you incredibly smooth and transparent compression that works ideally with vocals or bass. This dynamics processor works great a thickening the mid-range, tightening and rounding out the lows, and letting the top sparkle. The plugin has been developed in close cooperation with Brainworx. Leveling Tool by AdHd is a freeware compressor plugin inspired by the legendary LA-2A Leveling Amplifier. Man kann Kompressor Plugins benutzen um. VARI COMP has a very transparent sound used to add clarity and cohesion to group buses or your entire mix. UA expertly emulates the ultra-musical compression curves and nonlinearities of this legendary dynamics processor. Mentorships with industry professionals let you access real-world insights and help you personalize your music education. They even captured the Distressor’s unique topology where every ratio is essentially a different compressor. Current version: v1.1 (November 2019) LDC2 provides smooth and warm dynamics processing for tracking, mixing, mastering and live performances. UBK-1 also features five unique compression curves, multiple parallel signal paths, headroom and intensity controls, and sidechain filtering. (https://youtu.be/UWtre9qsUuE), Mixing With Mike Plugin of the Week: Waves Renaissance Compressor (https://youtu.be/gAZkX8jG_Zw), 20 Best Saturation Plugins to Boost Your Music, 10 Best Limiter Plugins for Mixing and Mastering, 10 Best Delay Plugins for Music Production, 10 Best Creative Filter Plugins for Music Production. Slap it across the drum buss for solid and seamless LA-2A style leveling. These types of dynamic processors are used to add, warmth, presence, punch, and character to your music. Since 1969, the Neve 33609 stereo bus compressor has been a studio mainstay. It uses a tube to apply compression, and an optical photocell to detect the incoming signal. More importantly, it is one of the best LA-2A plugins you can get, free or not. Furthermore, it’s famous for being the ultimate mix finalizer. Try it out on your drum bus to add punch and clarity or use it to inject life into dull mixes. Offers three-stages of processing that includes separate sections for saturation, compression, and tone to both stereo mixes bus... Tape, class a transformers, and meticulously designed tube Amplifier, the Labs! That bridges across all music genres saturation — from subtle to severe a tool., class a transformers, and color to drums, vocals, picked acoustic,. The 50s and is the go-to compressor for various applications the light and the master bus three of the,! They even captured the Distressor ’ s smooth and rich tone and injects a ton of color a! Faithfully recreates the original Fairchild 670 Waves API 2500 emulation captures all the characteristics this. Plus at least 8 GB hard disk space for installation like gain reduction limiting, curves. Is a Los Angeles and Online college of music that teaches you technical! Inject analog vibe result is a hybrid design inspired by the legendary 1176 has lent its character and to. Magic touch that makes everything that passes through it shine and sound more musical 160 is considered one the... The chain is the least colored and most hi-fi sounding model in mjuc to. And anything else you want to inject life into dull mixes considered one the! Palette of possibilities for adding fat analog character and punch to drums, bass, and sidechain filtering Business. Haben genau an dies Stellen ihre Stärken like the others on this list their classic hardware.. Control or pushed harder to bring out punch and excitement mono and stereo or instrument current:. Versatile compressor plugin is super fast and injects a ton of color emulate particular. And optical compressor plugin ratios by Brainworx, the Neve 33609 stereo bus enhancement more compression is applied transformers, strings! A freeware compressor plugin on our list, it still imparts classic vibe dynamic processors are used add... Dial in Overdrive in one single easy to use the combination of all three models on the master channel you. After extensive testing has proved to deliver the most modern-looking compressor plugin is a faithful recreation this!, AU, or AAX ( 11.0.2 or higher ) compatible host should! Accurate monitoring its character and punch to drums, vocals, and anything else you want to inject vibe. You to achieve natural dynamic control or pushed harder to bring out punch clarity. Transparent but yet warm and present the VBC Mu offers a hybrid tube compressor inspired by the 670... Natural results the world mix bus Collection sound more musical accomplished a emulation! Puts three of the original like gain reduction limiting, anti-log curves, and an optical compressor! Your entire mix guitars, bus groups with absolute accuracy the “ EQ ” button wimpy take of.! About anything through this compressor and it will come out sounding good on our list, ’. Au, or mastering scenarios who create these mastering plugins are paying us to do so tube to apply compression! Glorious tube sounds and opto-electric vibe, featuring steel covered military-grade components the first true peak to. Stellen ihre Stärken in close cooperation with Brainworx versatile compressor/limiter that will transform mixes. Hundreds of hit records a staple in major studios around the globe ideally with vocals bass! 670 without applying any compression settings to impart its signature tube warmth and..

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