matcha cream daifuku

Jul 16, 2019 - Matcha Cream Daifuku (Green Tea Mochi Dessert) Daifuku is a Japanese mochi dessert stuffed with a sweet filling. The cream is not too thick, it has a great texture that makes it very easy to eat. Defrost 4 hours before serving. Daifuku adalah mochi ala Jepang yang diisi dengan isian manis. Halal cream daifuku is made from chewy mochi filled with sweet cream in four flavors; strawberry, matcha, mango, and cafe au lait. First time making mochi! If most of daifuku is filled with red bean paste, but this cream daifuku is filled with a halal-certified delicious cream. Cream daifuku is a new type of Japanese Mochi (rice cake) desserts and becoming popular itself. Tried authentic ones not too long ago and fell in love <3 I made the matcha dough and wrapped frozen ,,blobs" of whipped cream with a pinch of sugar and teaspoon of matcha. The whipped cream filling also gives it a nice accent. The dough is soft and perfectly sweet. They taste HEAVENLY!!! The mocha (rice cake) texture is extremely soft, and it has a great combination of delicious sweet matcha fillings and whipped cream. The beautiful color of matcha powder will remind you of young green leaves. Warna bubuk matcha yang indah akan mengingatkan Anda pada pucuk daun yang hijau. Isian whipped cream … I reccomend the version with my filling and thank you for great mochi recipe

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