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read more. Search the history of over 446 billion web pages on the Internet. "I think that means that the AfD wil have to ask itself in turn whether it wants to continue with this very aggressive anti-foreigner tone that it has used in the last few months." DW recommends DW News | 29.08.2020 1 Wide variety of people at Berlin coronavirus protest – Thomas Sparrow reports; Coronavirus | 29.08.2020 2 Berlin: Police call off protests against coronavirus curbs; Germany | 28.08.2020 3 berlin braces for huge coronavirus demonstrations Kate Brady; Germany | … DW-analyst Simon Young said Germany was seeing a consolidation of support for the right-wing party across the country. What's behind Germany's far-right AfD party slump in polls? When DW correspondent Kate Brady set off to find out what issues Germans are concerned with most at the moment, she traveled to a network dead zone. In a unique event, religious groups in Germany's capital opened their doors for one night, to highlight the city's diversity and provide an insight into almost 100 faith groups. Pressure is growing on Germany to take a tougher stance towards China over human rights abuse. ... DW News - Duration: 7:18. Kate Brady. Date . Read more about their stories and other news about women here. DW's Kate Brady reports from Berlin.Source: Berlin faith groups unite for ′Long Night of Religions′ | Germany | DW.COM | 30.08.2015 Many of them carry their babies or small children with them. BERLIN — Germany's Family and Youth Minister Katarina Barley on Wednesday called for her country to strengthen its efforts to … Kate Brady Retweeted DW | Politik "Hitler and the Nazis are merely a bird shit in 1,000 years of successful German history," says co-leader of Germany’s far-right AfD, Alexander # Gauland , at a meeting of the party’s youth wing. For a long time, business interests have stood in the … 05.10.2015 | 9:59. ... As thousands of refugees keep ariving in Germany, the DW takes a look at women who undertake the long and arduous journey from their home in Syria to Europe. DW News - Kate Brady. Deutsche Welle.

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