is statistics a boring major

Thankfully, I found a book that barely got me through the class and gave me a great appreciation for some of the concepts. Ready? Take a moment. :). So much statistical information is impenetrable because of it being poorly communicated. 2. Suppose we are interested in average tree height, which happens to be 22.5m for this sample. You’ll have to measure all the trees with no errors! Its practitioners have the courage to call every little possible way to plot data a “tool” or a “method”. Why are statistics so boring? When taking a statistical approach is useful, it’s very useful. I told someone I study statistics. However, as Fabian has mentioned above here, the media has tended to dumb stats down to the point where people only comprehend percentages. familiar with evaluating statisitics. Relevance. A population can be people, pixels, pumpkins, Pokémon, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Should we be concerned with the difference and why? Not only does a statistics major give you the skills to answer these questions, it is also extremely marketable. All this managed to do was confuse the hell out of me. When they do land a … It’s just some way of mushing up the data that we have. I had a statistics class where the professor spent most of the time deriving formulas on the chalkboard. You’re looking at the legal contract at the heart of the whole pursuit. How many times do you read a statistics statement and think to yourself, ‘well… that’s not quite the right wording.’ Full correct statistics therefore does not lend itself to visual or narrative interpretation, unlike even calculus, frequency-domain analysis, or even multidimensional topology. I know; I’m one of them. I’ve wondered this myself over the years. When the statistics become involved, then you can have a better idea of how the cancer may affect your body or is smoking is the major reason for it. 0. What’s your best guess now? the presentation and materials are red-zone convoluted, and not necessarily for human consumption. Personally, I blame the entire school system, with it’s “empty vessle” approach to learning — students are empty vessles and the teacher must fill them with knowledge. (With our reputation for grumpiness, we need all the approachability we can get.). I created my own YouTube algorithm (to stop me wasting time). you don’t get it because once one reaches a certain acumen concerning a subject there is a danger of becoming biased and chauvinistic. Make learning your daily ritual. Gen Y don’t treat truth objectively. If you could go back in time, to where I am now, would you select this course again? If statistics is taught by first showing WHAT you can do with it, then it becomes more enjoyable. It is not your entire population. Taa-daa, we’re done! An observation is a measurement from one single item in a sample. Support an independent site. I’ll be so thorough I’ll give you a thousand words: the trees in the picture below are our population of interest for this article. Without stats, information can be meaningless. Every moderately advanced civilization has come to the same conclusion. In my university the people who started computer science division were all statistics major minor in statistical computing. By reading further, you accept these terms and conditions. For any non-statistician who thinks stats are boring, I’d recommend the two books by the author of that second link, Fooled By Randomness and Black Swan. I’m never going to know the answer. Having said all that, this is a good thing. What’s the same? It prevents people from searching for mechanistic explanations that could indeed provide valuable insights. Can you please tell me your estimate for the true average height of all the trees? Anonymous. That is what the discipline of statistics is all about. I’m about to show you a logical proof that statistics are boring... to help you appreciate the point of all those fancy calculations that statisticians like myself get up to. – It’s too widespread. I’ll see how I feel about it after I get some data. To analyze, a border must be drawn. I recommend this: Anyway that’s my theory from seeing these kinds of responses. Stop. Let’s start by wallowing in some local jargon. As a high school Algebra and Statistics teacher, this has been a great pleasure to read. I didn’t realize until much later how useful statistics is. 3 – i have seen very few truly interesting statistics “textbook” problems. We’d have to guess 23m if this is our only information — if we guess anything else, we’re just makin’ stuff up. You’re so good at this! Enter the star of our show: the parameter. We’ll be figuring out whether our sample makes our hypothesis look ridiculous to determine whether we should change our minds, but that wanders outside the scope of this blog post — pick up the thread here. You don’t need any special courses. are interesting to us. I have an electrical engineer degree from a good school, top of the class sort of student, and I’ve been writing software for years. – It’s self-adulatory. I have to take it to graduate with my degree. My findings will apply, at best, to these trees. I didn’t hate math, because I could see the value in it. Overflow of part 1 into part 2, that is to say they hate math and see statistics as a subbranch of what they hate. 1 decade ago. You can finish up by using analytics — just go ahead calculate the average. 4. could those that teach statistics even handle the criticism, and do they even care? An estimate is just a fancy word for best guess about the true value of a parameter (the estimand). We have seen a difference in numbers. But if you say statistics then someone might not be able to respond knowledgeably about the subject, they might feel that they can come off somewhat stupid in an exchange therefore in order to forestall the appearance of stupidity they take a stance of animosity to the subject. Close. A sample is any collection of items from the population.

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