gayatri vantillu sweets

By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. This site is under migration and re-designing, Enjoy to Cook & Serve -- Eat Fresh & Limited -- Exercise Regularly -- Stay Fit & Healthy, Share these recipes on social networks with Friends, Near & Dear, Read below the Text, Tips & Discussions before attempting the Recipe, (Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc). Now slowly add the Jamuns stirring the oil all the while. Click here to see all recipes in Pictures. It should help you to get good rasgullas. 1. Meanwhile make 10 equal portions of the smooth Paneer dough. In three to four attempts you should be able to make good Rasagullas and feed a Bengali Dada to put him to surprise!!! They turned out well to look at but they didn't absorb sufficient sugar syrup and they are not porus as shown in your video. Winter Foods. Smoothen the laddoo in the palm and place it in a plate. We coat the Jamun balls with powdered sugar before frying them in oil. It would be nice if my viewers indicate their names in the post so as to enable me to address them. After 20 minutes the sticky dough becomes manageable to make round balls. The latter would be spongy and give a rubber feeling while eating. In the standing time of 20 minutes the paneer would absorb the condensed milk and the mixture would be amenable for making round balls. If there are any impurities in the juice they remain in the nylon mesh and we get fresh sugarcane juice. The manner in which you have described and shown is very interesting. Nothing goes waste in this dish. After 2 hours of soaking in warm syrup the Jamuns absorb the syrup and become juicy. Allow it to build steam fully but do not allow it to whistle, simmer the stove at this level, and cook for fifteen minutes, increase the stove and let it build the steam fully but not to allow it to whistle - at this level switch off the stove and allow it to cool completely. Now allow this syrup to boil. hello gayatri ji,i firftly want to appreciate you for the g8 job u are doing. Take a slotted spoon and turn the oil to make whirls. Orange Ice Cream - Natural Fruit Eggless Gelato - Indian Recipes - Andhra Telugu Vegetarian Food When the sugar syrup is boiling, add the cardamom powder and mix well. In fact rasagullas which are slightly cold taste much much better than the warm and fresh ones. Fridge stored rasagullas may be taken for 2-3 days. Transfer the prepared mixture to a bowl and keep it aside for 20 minutes. Now make these portions into round balls by rolling them between your palms. byeeee good work huh? By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Any information would be very helpful since this is the 2nd time I made them and failed miserably L. This time around, I would like to follow your procedure and hopefully be successful.. If required, after a while you may just nudge them a little to dislodge and rise. Bring the Paneer out of the fridge and keep it in the kitchen before two hours of actually making the recipe. That process should help you to achieve better results. 2. Thereafter proceed with your preparations. Gather the Paneer, squeeze out the syrup and enjoy it with the family or put it in Navratan Kurma. Take a processor bowl and select the flour kneading blade to process. Keep stirring the oil throughout. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyze traffic. When they are dark brown (Coffee grain color) in color remove from oil. Keep them aside for at least 4 hours before you eat so that they become firm by absorbing more syrup. Now put this pressure cooker on heat. If the milk is reconstituted either in the factory or at home, the rasagullas would be hard. THANKYOU. Back link to Main page of Categorized Recipes. But the balls were of same size and they turned hard. Not more not less and it comes by experience. RASAGULLA IS HIGHLIGHT BECAUSE WE USE TO PREPARE THIS RECIPE FOR PAST 2 YEARS BUT WE CAN'T ABLE TO BRING THE CHENNA IN GOOD MANNER. So would you PLEASE study the matter and give your valuable and experienced advice in the interests of your members? Ingredients:Whole Black Gram (De Husked) – 125gmsRice – 1TbspGrated Jaggery – 50gms Or Sugar Powder – 50gmsGhee – 50gms. Take care of the temperature of the oil. Pour this Chenna along with water into this slotted plate. 1) In the first session, the initial cold water in the cooker would take considerably longer to reach boiling point and emanate steam…..say 6 minutes, before you ACTUALLY put the weight…so 6+15 minutes suggested by you=21 cooking minutes. For making balls take sufficient dough and press between palms. Now close the lid and run the processor on low speed. nenu rasagulla receipee chusi , chesanu.maa husband ki baga nachhindi. If you too have a recipe to share, click here to submit. If it is a narrow dish they get attached to each other like Siamese Twins (in this case Siamese Tens). Repeat making laddoos with the remaining mixture and place them separately in the plate. We should get smooth dough to get soft Rasagullas. Keep the Jamuns aside for 3 to 5 minutes before adding them to the warm syrup. When the cooker is about to whistle, simmer the heat and cook for 15 minutes before switching off the stove. Prepare 7 similar balls. After 4 to 5 hours of preparation Rasagullas should be kept in fridge. If you too have a recipe to share, click here to submit. nenu meeru chupinchina vidam gane rasgulla chesukunamu baaga vachay.thnk u. mee vantillu naku baga nachhindi.mee reciepees kuda chala use avutayi nalanti vallaku. If you don’t have rice cooker keep it in normal warm closed cooker. Take powdered sugar in a plate. If jaggery is not good then add some water and then melt it and then strain the solution to remove dirt and then use it. Kala Jamun is very nice thing i like about your videos is you make them so professionally...chaala mandi, dishes presentation ki importance ivvaru...kaani mee dishes ni chaala chakkaga present chestaaru, as they say 'we eat with our eyes first'...keep up the good work.. can u also please try and show, andhra sweets like, kaaja, gavvalu, madata kaaja, ariselu. The best method is to keep the syrup bowl in rice cooker in “KEEP WARM” mode. If the steam gasket on the cooker is weak and leaking also the rasagullas do not get adequately soft. )i was able to follow.The plus point is that the recipe is also in english. For this all you need is LOTS and LOTS of PATIENCE. Follow me on . Thanks for the recipie. To test this, cut a Jamun into half and see. When you say “When the cooker is about to whistle, simmer the heat and cook for 15 minutes before switching off the stove” – do you mean I have wait for the cooker to let the steam and then add the weight(like the way we cook rice)? have a nice day!! I make rasagullas almost every week in "Hawkins" pressure cooker. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google.

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