classification in data mining

Classification looks for new patterns, even if it means changing the way the data is organized. For instance, if data has feature x, it goes into bucket one; if not, it goes into bucket two. 3 Chapter 8. Learn Decision tree induction on categorical attributes. These techniques not only required specific type of data structure but also betoken certain type of algorithm approach. ; Learn Attribute selection Measures. In other words, we can say the class label of a test record cant be assumed with certainty even though its attribute set is the same as some of the training examples. The process of identifying the relationship and the effects of this relationship on the outcome of future values of objects is defined as regression. In numerous applications, the connection between the attribute set and the class variable is non- deterministic. Data Mining Bayesian Classifiers. Data mining is a convenient way of extracting patterns, which represents knowledge implicitly stored in large data sets. Let us see the different tutorials related to the classification in Data Mining.. INTRODUCTION There are many different methods used to perform the data mining task. The most popular classification algorithms in data mining are the K-Nearest Neighbor and decision tree algorithms. A classifier is a Supervised function (machine learning tool) where the learned (target) attribute is categorical ("nominal") in order to classify. Rows are classified into buckets. 1 Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques BY SAKSHI AND KESHAV 2. Classification can be applied to simple data like nominal, numerical, categorical and Boolean and to complex data like time series, graphs, trees etc. Classification is a predictive modeling approach for predicting the value of … The goal of classification is to accurately predict the target class for each case in the data. Keywords—Data Mining, Classification, Decision tree induction,Neural networks. CLASSIFICATION IN DATA MINING 1. Classification techniques in Data Mining. I. ; Learn the Overfitting of decision tree and tree pruning. Classification is a data mining function that assigns items in a collection to target categories or classes. ; Learn Decision Tree Induction and Entropy in data mining. Classification: Basic Concepts Classification: Basic Concepts Decision Tree Induction Bayes Classification Methods Rule-Based Classification Model Evaluation and Selection Techniques to Improve Classification Accuracy: Ensemble Methods Summary It is used after the learning process to classify new records (data) by giving them the best target attribute (prediction). For example, a classification model could be used to identify loan applicants as low, medium, or high credit risks.

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