clarinet chromatic scale full range

The chromatic scale is important because it incorporates every note on the clarinet, as well as alternate fingerings for specific notes. The clarinet has a wide octave range that spans to nearly four octaves to the highest note ‘d4’. One Octave Chromatic Scales Focus: Lower Register Each of these scales places a di!erent group of notes on the beat. This is a printable three-octave chromatic scale written for the clarinet Click here for complete UF … Practicing each one will help you develop smooth and even "nger technique. Undergraduate clarinet audition requirements: Two contrasting solos, FBA Level V, higher or equivalent; All major scales (full range) Chromatic scale (full range) Sight-reading; NOTE: If you play bass clarinet you must audition on Bb clarinet. Knowing the chromatic scale and chromatic alternate fingerings are important when it comes to advanced repertoire, auditions for All-State or honor bands, chair placements and ensemble auditions. I. The register key located behind the top of the upper joint makes it possible for the clarinet to play twelfths when pressed.

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