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World Cup 2018. For FIFA modders only. Benevento Calcio, commonly referred to as Benevento, is an Italian football club based in Benevento, Campania.The club was originally founded in 1929 and then re-founded in 2005. Useful links. Grab the latest and instant news of FIFA 21 mods at Imstudiomods of current season. FIFA 18. They currently compete in Serie A, having won 2019–20 Serie B; the 2020–21 season is their second in the top flight of Italian football after the 2017–18 season. FIFA 19. FIFA games. Fiche Équipe: Benevento (FIFA 20 23 septembre 2020) - NOTE 71 - AGE MOYEN 27.6 ans The Home, Away, Third and Goalkeeper "Kappa" kits of Benevento that play in Serie B of Italy for the season 19/20 for FIFA 16, FIFA 15 and FIFA 14, in … On 29 June 2020, Benevento secured promotion to the Serie A with seven matches to spare. FIFA 21 : Ibrahimovic s'en prend à FIFA et EA sports November 23, 2020 21:20 Zlatan Ibrahimovic est furieux contre EA Sports pour une utilisation de son image sans sa permission dans le jeu FIFA … The 2019–20 season was the second consecutive season of Benevento in the second division of Italian football after relegation from Serie A in 2018.. Around football. England Premier League. Fiche Équipe: Benevento (FIFA 20 20 janvier 2020) - NOTE 71 - AGE MOYEN 28.6 ans FIFA 20. Team Page: Benevento (FIFA 20 30 january 2020) - OVR 71 - AVERAGE AGE 28.4 years Sports banners, extensions, flags. Edition tools. More. Along with competing in the league, the club also participated in the Coppa Italia. FAQ&CONTACT. F I F A 2 1. FACES. Great clubs .

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